Stone and Wood Incense Holder


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Handmade incense holder from cast stone and beech wood

4 sandalwood scented cone incense is sent as a gift.

The model was produced from clay and then its mold was taken. The figure is produced by molding real stone powders. Finally, aging was made and varnish was applied.

A flake-shaped base made of stone dust is sent so that the conical incense does not burn the tree.
It is recommended that the pedestal and incense be placed close to the mouth of the figure.
The incense can go out depending on the air flow in the environment, and you can continue to use the extinguished incense by burning it again.

Pure olive oil has been applied to reveal the texture and colors of the tree and to protect the tree. If you want to take care of yourself, you can apply olive oil.

Diameter of the stone: 10 cm
Table diameter: 11 cm

Since they are handmade, there may be slight differences in the texture and color tone of the figure to be sent.

Since natural wood is used, the color and patterns of the base to be sent vary. You can see samples of the bases to be sent in the product gallery.

Usage: After placing the conical incense in its socket, light it with a match or lighter until it catches fire. After the tip catches fire, extinguish the flame by blowing, your incense will start to smoke.

Note: Smoke may leave a slight stain on stone and wood, stains can be removed with water.
It is recommended to wipe the table where you put the incense holder when the incense is finished, or another material can be placed under the incense holder so that the smoke does not touch the table.

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