Arnette Luzzi Console-Dining Room Furniture


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Product Feature With Shelf
Material Chipboard
Drawer/Door Mechanism Fully Open
Wood Care/Cleaning Suggestion: You can clean your furniture by wiping it with a damp cloth. Protect from direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged contact of hot surfaces and water.
Additional Information

PRODUCT FEATURES - First class 18 mm Chipboard (Particle Board) is used. - All of our products are manufactured using high quality "Melamine" particle board and first class imported fittings. - Our products are produced from E1 certified raw materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances and comply with European Union health norms. - It has a durable structure. - You can disassemble and reassemble the products with peace of mind. - You can use the product for years without sagging, bending or deformation. - Aesthetic design. - You can change the atmosphere of your home with this useful and stylish design product. - Product Color: Anthracite - Walnut PRODUCT SIZE - Height: 786 mm - Width: 1430 mm - Depth: 423 mm.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS ARE SHOWN IN DETAILED VISUAL SIZE. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION INFORMATION: - Our products are delivered disassembled. - The packages include the necessary installation diagram for easy and fun installation, a material bag compatible with the assembly diagram of all screws and accessories, and a user manual. - You can easily install with simple hand tools.

Disassembled Parts: All parts are sent disassembled.

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