Acrylic, %100 Handmade Carpet 35"x35"


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Pile Height: 18-30 mm
Product Feature: Antiallergic
Size: 90x90
Pattern: Modern
Thread Type: Acrylic
Additional Information: It is 100% Acrylic. Antibacterial. Non-Slip Base. Natural Latex.
Yarn Height Pile : 18-30 mm. Carpet dimensions: 90x90cm,
It can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.
Provides Underfoot Comfort. It is soft and comfortable. Abrasion Resistant. Protects the Beautiful Appearance for Many Years.
Embossed and Figured 100% Handmade.
These carpets, which are designed in accordance with the decoration of your bathroom with beautiful and trendy colors, are easy to dry and do not smell.

Made in Turkey

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