Your Guide to the Comfortable Couches

Finding comfortable couches is not easy. Manufacturers are showing more and more imagination to offer us ultra design models. But what about the quality? Should we prioritize design over comfort?

If it is obvious that the design of your sofa must correspond to your personal tastes and blend elegantly with your interior decoration, we must not forget the practical aspect.

How to choose a comfortable sofa? Discover all our tips.

Prioritize comfort above all else

Obviously, the design is one of the most important aspects in your choice. But there is no question of forgetting its comfort. The very essence of a sofa is to be comfortable on it every day.

If it is essential that its color and style must match your personal universe, be sure to take both aspects into account when making your choice.

Fixed sofa or modular sofa?

Before you set your sights on a sofa, ask yourself what do you really need? To be comfortable, a sofa must be large enough and must allow you to accommodate the whole family. But do you have room for a large, long and wide sofa in your interior?

What if the modular sofa was the ideal solution for choosing the sofa of your dreams? Pouf, additional seat, footrest, modular sofas offer multiple options in terms of design but also in terms of comfort.

Choosing the right coating

As you will have understood, if you want to keep your sofa for a long time, it is better to pay attention to the material chosen.

For example, cotton and linen sofas stain very easily. As for velvet or suede sofas, although it gives this cocooning visual aspect, they require a lot of maintenance.

Opt for a sofa with removable cover

This is a detail that we sometimes forget in the frenzy of buying, but opting for a sofa with removable covers is a wise choice if you want to be able to clean your sofa easily.

You can also check out our sofa covers, we have almost every color you may want.

Study the structure to find comfortable couches

Always in this logic of durability, take into account that a quality sofa will remain comfortable longer. The seat will not be damaged over time and you will always feel just as good in it despite the passage of time.

We advise you to look at the structure of the sofa. Does it have springs? What is the elasticity of the seat of the sofa? Are the cushions very durable or will they warp over time?

Another essential point: the very structure of the sofa. Is it solid wood, metal, hardwood? This detail is important because depending on the type of structure chosen, the solidity of the sofa will vary.

Choosing the Right Sofa Density

How do you know if a sofa is comfortable? For this, you have to look at the density of the seat. The higher this will be, the better the sofa will be able to support your weight and not deform. This is a very important criterion in choosing a sofa.

Same thing for the foam side, be sure to choose a high resilience foam to guarantee comfort of the seat over time.

The right padding

The seats and backs of the sofas are equipped with a foam padding system. This is what makes it possible to have a sofa with a soft seat.

You will find several types of foam on sofas on the market (polyester, high density and high resilience).

If you want to be comfortably installed, we suggest that you choose high density foam, or even high resilience.

The sofa back

The back is an important parf of comfortable couches. It is on him that you will rest your back comfortably for the time of a film.

Also, its padding must be large enough to ensure the necessary comfort.

If you have back problems, choose a sofa with a high, firm back. Also consider the adjustable headrests of some sofas, a very practical option that allows you to modulate the height of the headrests.

In summary :

Always prioritize comfortable couches over the ones that look good but uncomfortable.

Be sure to choose a sofa in a comfortable and durable material. Synthetic fabrics are very easy to care for.

Look at the density of the seat, the type of foam of the sofa and study the solidity of its structure.