What is the Best Pouf for a Living Room?

In any area, seating is essential, but chairs and couches aren't the only possibilities. If you are looking for a small and functional seat that can be arranged easily, you should definitely consider buying stylish poufs for your space. They are versatile pieces of accent furniture that may be used for seating, storage, and display while also adding character to your house.

For the last few years, the use of ottomans has increased significantly. The perfect padded stool can completely transform a room's interior design. In addition, poufs can be used not only as seats but also as a footrest and even as side tables.

When choosing the best pouf for the living room, you should think about what function you want that pouf to serve, how it can fit your interior design, and how much is your budget.

As Livane Furniture, we try to explain the steps to consider if you're looking for a really useful piece of furniture that can be used in almost any area. Here are the crucial steps to follow:


Decide for what purpose you want to use the pouf.

Poufs can be used in variety of functions. Whether you use it as a footrest near the sofa, an extra seating for your living room, or a coffee table, you need to determine the purpose of the pouf first. If you want to use it as a seat, the best ottoman you can choose for your living will be the one that matches with other sofas in terms of material and height.

If you prefer to use the pouf as a decorative piece or as a place to rest your feet, you should look for lower in height than the sofa seats. Regardless of the material, the best pouf will be the one that suits your home and your tastes.

Similarly, those who want to take advantage of the pouf as a coffee table should select one with a stable, flat surface made of dense material. Also, you may consider the heights due to the ease of use. Don't forget that ottomans should be in harmony with your sofas and complete the interior design of your living room.

Our Ottoman Pouf can be a perfect example of versatility, as it can be used both as a comfortable seat and a side table. It makes your room have a cozy and eye-catching look while maintaining convenience in use.


Determine the Ideal Shape of Poufs for Your Living Room.

Poufs exist in various shapes, designs, and sizes, owing to their adaptability. Depending on the functions you require from this piece of furniture, you should select one or more. Because they are an accessory, it is even more critical that they blend in with your overall design perfectly.

Ottomans generally have a square, round, and rectangular shape, but don’t limit yourself with those. You can try round and oval models or other fancy shapes and play with the form of your room.

Rectangular sofas are ideal if you're going to put them away from your sofa or other rectangular seating configurations. Square poufs provide you with extra storage under the seat. Those with a round shape easily harmonize with the room's design, and you can even use them as a table in the center of the seating area. In any case, each one will add a magnificent atmosphere to your room.

Pick a color and pattern that complements the rest of the room's decor.

Once you’ve determined the shape, softness, and firmness of your pouf, it is time to choose a color and material. Visualize the room you will add to ottomans. Is it modern or traditional? Is it dominated by neutral tones, dark colors, or vibrant colors? You may change the atmosphere of your living area by selecting a pouf with a unique print or texture.

For instance, if you have a room designed mainly with white tones, you can add a pop of color to your space with the ottoman you choose. Similarly, if you're going to use the pouf in a parlor that's more for show than for everyday usage, a rich fabric like silk or velvet pouf may be a good choice for you.

However, when picking a design, the most important thing is your style and how you want to reflect it in your home. Make sure the colors, pattern, and shape of the poufs are compatible with you and your home.


Further Suggestions to Consider Choosing the Best Pouf

- The market today has a large selection of ottomans in various styles made by different manufacturers. It is difficult to choose among such a wide array. Therefore, you can narrow your selection criteria to price.

- Because ottomans are easy to carry, you can use them in every space of your room. As a result, you may want to match them with the overall interior design of your house.

- It's important to consider the size of the room and the rest of the decor aspects while selecting furniture. There must be agreement on everything.

- When you decide the best pouf for your living room, durability and ease of cleaning should be important criteria for you. Because they are everyday-use items, it's probably best to go with a material like cotton or faux leather that's easy to clean.

- Each of our Ottoman poufs, as Livane, is hand-stitched by a local woman in Marrakesh, making them unique and special. You can give a sophisticated look to your living room by purchasing this special item.

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