Tips On Decorating A Dressing Or Vanity Table

For some reason, when getting ready to do your makeup, it can feel like a chore. Whether this is due to having to do the same routine every single day, or the clutter on your dresser, the task can make makeup application more of a hassle than fun. Want to make applying makeup easy and enjoyable and your dressing table way nicer? Here are some tips to decorate it.

Among the small pieces of furniture from yesteryear that are making a comeback, the dressing table occupies a prominent place. Dedicated to beauty, it is both a storage space for all skincare and make-up products, but also a beautiful decorative element. 

To create a real space of well-being and beauty around your furniture, it is not enough to choose a very pretty piece of furniture. The layout of your furniture will be decisive for a tidy and harmonious appearance. Here are all our practical tips and ideas for decorating your dressing table.

What are the essential accessories on the dressing table?

The dressing table is a small piece of furniture allowing people to create their personal space dedicated to beauty. Whether it in your bathroom, or in your bedroom, it must be able to accommodate all your small products.

The dressing table is a piece of furniture dedicated to your well-being and your beauty. This is where you sit quietly to get ready and do your make up. It is therefore essential to have everything to hand. Like makeup products and accessories, everything you need for hairdressing, and why not jewelry and other perfumes.

On the tray, you should find everything you need for make-up. Such as foundations, powders, make-up, and the accessories necessary for their use. The dressing table also allows you to bring together all your pretty bottles. Such as bottles of nail polish or different perfumes that you choose according to your desires. Many women also like to find all the hair necessities on their desks.

As useful as it is decorative, the table welcomes a few decorative objects such as a pretty candle which accentuates the cocooning spirit. For your vanity table to be functional and make you want to settle in, organization and storage are the watchwords. 

What could be more beautiful indeed when you enter your room, than to see a beautiful well-ordered dressing table ready to welcome you? To do this, you can make the best use of the available storage space. It very often has drawers that are perfect for storing your products.

How to arrange your beauty corner?

Three main parts of a vanity table are a top, one or more drawers, and a mirror. The decorative aspect of this piece of furniture sets the tone for the atmosphere of your bedroom or bathroom. Installed in the bedroom, the dressing table allows you to create an intimate space where a warm atmosphere reigns.

You should not overload your dressing table in order to maintain an aesthetic and chic visual appearance. You can place pretty boxes, coordinated jars, or wicker baskets in which to store make-up or hair accessories such as make-up brushes or hair clips.

Decorate your table with a few elements conducive to relaxation such as pretty candles or a vase. Make-up or care products can find their place in the desk drawers. You can organize your drawers with boxes or dividers. It's a very easy trick to adopt to prevent eye shadow, foundation, and other varnishes from piling up in a joyful mess.

To accentuate the chic and elegant atmosphere of your beauty corner, you can arrange pretty shelves to dress up your dressing table. This is the ideal place to display your most beautiful perfume bottles, for example.

What style of furniture to choose?

According to the style of dressing table you choose, you can create a personal atmosphere in the room. The sleek and minimalist version fits perfectly into your bedroom or bathroom.

The wooden piece of furniture surmounted by a mirror is adorned with a single drawer on the front of the dressing table and retains its so chic sobriety with a minimum of decoration such as an elegant candle holder, a pretty vase, or a silver frame. 

Often reminiscent of the romantic boudoir spirit, the dressing table is displayed as a very trendy retro piece of furniture. The wooden model surmounted by a three-part mirror with folding sides is an ultra-refined piece of furniture on which you will place elegant decorative elements such as a pretty jar revealing your necklaces.

The dressing table in a modern and designed version combines metal and glass or even a marble top for a high-end and chic piece of furniture. Fans of the vintage style also find their happiness with wooden elements. Such as simple lines reminiscent of the Scandinavian spirit that invites itself everywhere in our interiors.