Tips For Finding The Best Vanity Table

Create a cocooning corner in your room with the help of a vanity table! With or without a mirror, from a classic or modern design to a romantic or contemporary style, our advice for choosing the ideal model.

Why You Should Have a Vanity Table

Nothing like a vanity table to make you look beautiful but also to bring a real plus to the decoration of your room or your bathroom. I helps to declutter too. Follow the guide to find the ideal hairdresser!

With or without a mirror?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when buying a vanity table. You have three options:

The dressing table with integrated mirror: it generally occupies a central position but some models also offer side mirrors. Make sure they are made of good quality material and that the layout suits you.

Or you can choose a dressing table without a mirror. This is a simple chest of drawers on which you place your beauty products, without using it to put on your makeup.

The third option is to have a dressing table with separate mirror. Nothing prevents you from choosing a separate wall mirror, matching the dressing table.

What dimensions for my dressing table?

It all depends on the space you have, of course, but also on the room where you will install your vanity table. Opt for:

A corner or suspended dressing table if you want to create your cocooning corner in a cramped room like a bathroom. In this case, bet on a dressing table less than 90 cm wide, which will fit everywhere.

A desk dressing table, to give a boudoir feel to your bedroom. Equipped with 4 legs, drawers and a table on which you can place your bottles, it is a solution as practical as it is romantic.

Which style to choose?

Choosing a dressing table for a beauty corner also means opting for a particular style, in keeping with the decoration of the room.

For a romantic decor, get a classic dressing table made of a noble wood like oak. Arrange old-fashioned candle holders, candlesticks, and flasks to complete the ensemble.

Give your bathroom or bedroom a retro feel by installing a 50s polished brass make-up table. Check out our vintage inspired vanity table

For a contemporary bias, you will find many models of dressing tables with a sober and refined design, painted in white or gray, the trendy color of the moment.

Pair an armchair or ottoman with an old-fashioned dressing table and a simple stool with a modern piece of furniture.

What storage capacity should you expect?

Ask yourself the question when looking at the different beauty vanity models. It all depends on how you will use it:

You will use it mainly for decorative purposes: get a dressing table mainly equipped with shelves. Then you can show your prettiest beauty products there and store the rest elsewhere.

You want to keep everything you need to look good at your fingertips. The best is to opt for a dressing table with several drawers.

Your dressing table will serve you both to store your accessories and to display some of them in order to complete the decor. A cabinet with bottom but not side drawers, leaving the integrity of the top free, will be a good choice.

Bonus tips for choosing well

Finally, in order to find the ideal dressing table for your beauty corner, consider these tips:

Check that the furniture is made of a resistant material or, at least, that its surface has been treated to resist humidity. Also check how the tray is maintained. A stain of nail polish quickly arrived.

Don't neglect the little extras that make the difference. Secret compartments, lockable drawers, an incorporated magnifying mirror or even LED lighting to see more clearly.