Leather Sofa Types for Different Styles

Do you want a leather sofa but don't know which model to choose to suit the style of your interior? Livane Furniture gives you the advice to find the centerpiece of your living room without a false note. Whether your interior is design, industrial, contemporary, classic, pop or even Scandinavian, the leather is yours!


In an industrial interior, that is to say, one that highlights raw materials and diverts objects that could be found in factories. Leather is also welcome for its material effects. In this case, we will appreciate the aged leathers which give character to the decoration, whether in brown or black. 

The essential leather sofa for industrial decor? The famous Chesterfield that used to be found in gentlemen's clubs. Not only does it add cachet to the decor, but its padded seat, as if studded, echoes industrial processes. It will bring a much appreciated vintage touch.


Contemporary interiors have the advantage of having a choice. Because there are many models that will adapt to this type of decoration. You can easily turn to classic lines or other more design ones and your sofa will fit perfectly into your interior. If you are looking for a model that makes the difference and is a real centerpiece of your living room, bet on the additional details.

Why not adopt a more graphic sofa by playing the two-tone card? Some seats skillfully mix two colors and others are simply enhanced with piping of a different color. A clever way to modernize a more classic shape. Also think about bi-material sofas that mix leather and fabric and offer a very modern look.


In a classic interior, the leather sofa will be generous! We then choose rounded lines with, for example, enveloping armrests and a slightly higher backrest. Don't hesitate to move towards traditional shapes that designers have successfully modernized. We can also turn without hesitation to relax sofas which offer unparalleled comfort and whose lines often reflect its function dedicated to relaxation. On the color side, choose soft tones such as taupes or beiges. They will then be harmonious with a classic style decoration.


If you have the pop attitude, your leather sofa should have it too! Which model to choose in this case? Prefer a sofa with very round lines, a bit 60s, also ensuring that the seat is comfortable to recall this slightly less formal era. The essential ally of a pop decoration will nevertheless be a colored leather sofa. Then dare red, orange or blue in a vitaminized version. If you bet on a strong color, do not hesitate to choose more sober lines. You can go for example on a sofa bench or a contemporary model so as to balance your decoration.


Know that the Scandinavian style can also adopt the leather sofa thanks to the designers who have revisited and adapted the Nordic design by playing with the materials. You will then find the sofa on wooden feet in a leather version. The wood will soften the leather while enhancing it, especially with black or gray leather.

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