How to Move a Couch Around a Corner

Perhaps one of the biggest problems when moving or renovating our rooms is how to move a couch around tight corners. How can we remove it from our homes without damaging the seats and our home? There are certain methods to do this. In this article, we will tell you how to remove a couch from a corner with these methods.

Separating Parts

This is perhaps the best scenario that could happen to us. If you are trying to get a seat out of a corner and have difficulty, the first thing you should definitely check is whether it can be dissembled. If your couch can be dissembled, we can say that this process will not force you much.

You can carry out your move after you break your couch apart as much as possible. The thing you need to be careful here is that you have to remove all the parts completely. Because if the missing piece is left, it may not be possible to put your seat back together. After you break all the pieces completely, you can move them wherever you want. In this way, it will be much easier to take it off the elevator or put it in the car you will carry. And you can complete this process without damaging the couch.

If Their Arms and Feet Are Not Separable

If you have a detachable couch, it is much easier to move the couch from the corner. But what if couch's arms and legs can't be separated? In this case, we recommend that you read the rest of our article carefully. Because, thanks to the tricks we will give in this section, you will be able to move your seat easily from the corner without being damaged. First of all, let's start with the scenario that we can use in this situation and which will not force us.


Squeezing the couch can be seen as a successful method. They may have a swollen appearance due to the fact that they contain too much material. For this reason, when you tighten your couch, you will observe that they shrink to a certain amount. This difference will make it easier for you to move your couch around the corner. At this point, the thing you need to pay attention to is not to tighten too much. You may break or damage the couch. We recommend that you tighten it carefully to avoid this situation.

Do not Turn The Couch

Turning your couch over can be ineffective. Because no matter how much you turn it, you cannot change the size of the couch.You can tilt it slightly to the right or left when you encounter an obstacle while trying to remove it from the place you want to move. However, we do not recommend that you turn your seat upside down. In such cases, the risk of injury to the carrier increases. In addition, the house or seat can be damaged. It is much more logical for you and your home to move your seat without disturbing its position.

Another Space

Although not a sure solution, using another field may be a much more logical option than the trouble you put into it. If you can't get your sofa out of the corner the way you want, you can try using another area. It's possible that there is a place in your home that you have definitely not noticed. You can do this by trying different areas. And they will be happy to help you. We recommend that you try such options.

Hire Professionals

You have tried all these methods and failed. Or you realize that your seat is not valuable enough to be pulled out of the window. The last solution at this stage is to try this process with a professional.

Since they are professional, they will be able to move the couch from the corner as you wish. And in the meantime, neither yourself nor your couch will be harmed. If you have tried all these steps and failed, we strongly recommend that you use this method.