How to Find the Best Sofa For Your Living Room

Nothing can match the comfort and relaxation a sofa can provide to you. However, you may not feel as relaxed if you have chosen a wrong sofa for your living room. Let us analyse how important sofas are and find out several tips to help you when shopping for the best sofa.

First of all, we need to know the sofa shapes in order to choose a quality sofa.The two most preferred models of sofa sets are sectionals and l shape sofas. Other preferred models are no arm sofa and the armchairs. In order to find the sofa set that best suits our needs and tastes, we need to know the distinction and features of these sofa types.

Modern Sectional Sofa

If you have a large family or say you have too many guests, sectional sofa types are suitable for you. Since it can be added, you have the possibility to use it as you wish. And whenever the number of people increases, you can make changes and redesign it according to the environment.

Sectional sofa types, which have a stylish appearance, will also satisfy you as an image. There are many sectional sofas you can find at Livane Home. All of them will help you to design your living room according to your own taste. When you combine the sectional sofa you choose with a beautiful table, there is little chance that your living room will not be great.

L Shaped Sofa

L shaped sofas are another popular category. Thanks to its simple and elegant appearance, L shaped sofas have a really beautiful appearance. Generally, putting a television in front of it is considered a sensible option. It is very pleasant to sit for hours on comfortable and useful L shaped sofas.

L shaped sofa is a perfect fit for the corner space in your home. In L shape sofa one arm of the sofa will rest against a wall and the other pair of arms will jut out into the room. There are various benefits of using L shaped sofa. Even if it is small in size, it can seat you along with your friends or family. Sitting with your legs stretched can be relaxing.

L shape sofas have a minimal appearance and are very comfortable. It is very important for your style that it does not take up much space in the living room and looks as if it was designed for that place. You can find many examples of L shaped sofas that are both cool and comfortable at Livane.

No Arm Sofa

These sofas usually have a single sitting area. Although these no arm sofas without arms are not sufficient on their own, they are suitable to be combined with other sofa types. These no arm sofas, used together with sectional or L shape sofas, have a stylish and minimal appearance.


Just like no arm sofas, armchairs also have a single seating area. Unlike No arm, they have an arm section and it is possible to say that this increases the usage. Although generally they are not used alone since they are single seats, it is possible to combine them with L-shaped and sectionals sofas. Or you can put them in front of your windows to create a book-reading area.

Armchairs are an important category in terms of both increasing the capacity in the living room and presenting a more beautiful view.

How to Choose the Best Sofa?

Now that we have learned the seat types, we can move on to how the seat selection will be. When we choose the seat in a certain row, it is possible for us to choose the right seat for our living room.

Setting the Budget

We can either go beyond our budget or we may not be able to use our budget efficiently. That's why setting a budget is the first thing to do. Make a research and learn about sofa prices at first. You can find affordable pieces at Livane Home.

Recognizing the Needs

In order to choose a sofa, we must first determine what our needs are. How many people use the house or how often do we host guests? These are necessary questions for us to understand our needs. After answering these questions, we can realize our needs. Sectional seats are preferred for large families, and L-shaped seats are preferred for families with few people.

Choosing the Sofa Type 

We have come to the part of choosing the sofa type, which is perhaps the most important part. After determining our budget and understanding our needs, we can choose what the sofa will be like. It is very possible for us to make a choice according to the size and shape of our living room. Not every living room can handle an L-shaped sofa. Or it may not be possible to combine a sectionals sofa with a no arm sofa. We have to make this choice according to the capacity of our living room, our needs and our budget.

For example, for a family of 5, choosing a sectionals sofa would be ideal. Or for a two-person student house, an L-shaped sofa makes sense. If they have many guests, the l shaped sofa can be combined with an armchair. But of course, the capacity of the living room is also very important in determining this. So you can make this choice according to your personal needs and tastes.

Color Selection

Even though the color selection is very personal, there are certain tricks in choosing the color of the sofa. When we look at the classic color choices, it is possible to see that black and white sofas are mostly preferred. These two color sofas will add a stylish look to your living rooms. Apart from these two colors, colors in wood tones are another color that is widely used. You can have a stylish and comfortable living room with the colors that you will arrange according to your personal tastes.